Rookie Mistake

by Shfty Semantics

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Welcome to Rookie Mistake!!! A collection of some of my unreleased songs from as far back as 2006. Tracks that for whatever reason fell by the wayside and never really got to see the light that they deserved. Some of it is so old it's honestly embarrassing but I love to poke fun at it and plus, I guess it gives you a little insight to the evolution of who I am today. ...Who I am today isn't really much different than who I was back then, I'm just older and little more in shape. Eating fiber n shit. Being that most of these tracks are so old, you can expect much lower sound quality and some levels that are all over the place. One of them was literally recorded on one of those little note-to-self tape recorders. In my car. But you can also expect some rockin' ass music that had previously only been heard by a couple rap friends and my mom! Most of the tracks have been slightly remixed by yours truly to add a little comedy and stuff that might make you feel some type of way. Take a trip with me back to my San Diego college days when I was rapping with my brother and his roomate/bff, to my Autumn Addict era where we were recording in the tiny closet of a mini RV, to my darker days, to my car. See how I slowly transitioned from nasally wannabe backpack rapper to nasally wannabe art rap... rapper. Laugh at my forced delivery and cry with my emo moments. Experience the Shfty. Seriously though, thank you for taking the time to check it out, I love you and you are the best. Hopefully you enjoy them as much as my family does!



Wookiee of the Year - Somehow I was slightly sick every time we tried to record this. For the life of me, I could not get the first bar right. The first fucking bar. CrazB probably made me do it 500 times over.... and it still sounds awkward and watered down to me.

Purple In The Morning - This song (from my Purple Beat Eaters era) never got finished because Pelican Reynolds and Nayr were busy doing silly things like graduating college and getting their Bachelor Degrees. I was still a freshmen.

House of the Hollow - One of my favorite songs from my Autumn Addict era. This was actually recorded in Kon's RV. That RV was kind of homebase for the Autumn Addicts. Made it feel very teenage mutant ninja turtleish for some reason.

Puella Malus Culus - When I put this song up on myspace back in the day Shwayze sent us a message saying simply "your shit is dope." I was like word we like your shit too, we should collab some time. And he was like, word. And I was like word. And then nothing ever happened

Break(it) Up - Recorded this on a handheld voice recorder in my car on the way home for work. Hashtag 405 traffic.

Felt Like It - drugs are terrible terrible things and you should never ever do them. Hashtag sorry Dad.

One of Those Nights - I say "you down by the law? No you down by the matrix." ...I still have no fucking idea what that means. Also, I actually tried to sing on this, I apologize and I hope your ears are not bleeding

Carnivorous Belligerence - My brother (Pelican Reynolds) wouldn't record or even sing the hook in front of me or anyone. Eventually he got stoned by himself in his apartment and went up, and screamed his ass off. I'm sure his neighbors were terrified.

Sloth - Kevin was actually playing the drums live while I was recording at the same time. It was the coolest shit ever.


released July 11, 2014

CrazB, Pelican Reynolds, K.O.N. 1, Kevin Larkins, the makers of Audacity, You



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Shfty Semantics Los Angeles, California

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